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Welcome to Booze!


Inspired by the quote "Something deeply hidden had to be behind things" - by Albert Einstein, Booze is hidden inside a coffee shop in the heart of District 1. More than just a bar, Booze is a lifestyle, a place to share good memories together. When you step into Booze, you will feel more different emotions, it is the cosy yet elegant atmosphere that will help you escape from the everyday routine. In this intimate space, sitting on the rooftop, sipping a cocktail, and sightseeing the street together at night, to realize that Saigon has such a peaceful and pleasant time.


The term “Cocktail” was first found in 1806 in New York City from The Balance magazine and Columbian Repository of Hudson. The originators described it as “a stimulating liquor composed of any kind of sugar, water and bitters”, which birthed a diverse number of cocktail recipes, and was interpreted in many fashions. In recent years, cocktail culture in Vietnam has developed in its own unique way with different styles of speakeasy bars and pubs that serve various groups of audience. At Booze, we introduce you to not only the adapted classics that have been known since the beginning, but also to our signature well crafted cocktails by our creative bartenders.


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